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We’re dedicated to serving underprivileged and economically disadvantaged individuals and families.


The angel community is comprised of amazing everyday people that selflessly donate their time to our cause.


Knock Knock Angels was founded by Vickie Lobo, an everyday individual that saw a need and was determined to fill it.

Our story

Knock Knock Angels is grass roots organization that started with one kind gesture. Assisting two strangers that were in need. “Knock-knock.”  Those were the words spoken to two unsuspecting college students at a department store as they were handed two crisp $20 bills. Overhearing the two young women feeling sad about what they could not afford, a kind stranger decided to ease their woes by giving them enough money to purchase the items they wanted.  Her only request of them was to repeat the generosity to someone else at some later time.  The kind stranger was Knock Knock Angels Founder, Vickie Lobo, and with that simple act of giving, the vision for what is now a year-round philanthropic organization was conceived.

What We do

As a grassroots organization, we pioneered the “Holiday Miracle Makeover,” which, for selected families experiencing financial hardships, includes a decorated home, holiday meal, and gifts during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But it’s not just during the months of November and December when our network of angels is busy helping families and individuals in the community.  Through our giving forum, Knock Knock Angels helps those in need throughout the year.  In fact, we present selected families with specifically matched donations each month.  At times our work is quite physical as donations range from monetary gifts to providing home repairs.  Whatever the need, we identify and secure the appropriate level of assistance.

Hardships affect those living in our community every day and we understand that a person’s capacity for charity can sometimes be halted by their inability to connect to individuals who need help.  This may be due to a demanding career, a busy home life, or not knowing where to go to donate their time, money, or material goods.  Because of this, we pre-screen to ensure all donations are delivered as planned and allow donors to select the receiving family or individual if they choose to.  Our goal is to keep the gift-cycle moving so that our forum of giving never ends.

Have you always wanted to volunteer but can never find the time?  Do you have a skill or talent that can help an individual or family?  Perhaps you’d like to donate a cleaning service to a single-parent?  Whatever inspires you to give, we want to be your community resource in doing so.  Personalized.  Pre-screened.  Year-round.  Join us and become one of our donation “angels” by letting us know what and to whom you wish to surprise with a “Knock Knock.”

Our Founder

Vickie Lobo is a realtor by trade and a philanthropist at heart. What started as a simple kind gesture to help a family in need, became a vision of not just increasing this gesture, but making a dedication to continue it! And this is how Knock Knock Angels was conceived. As a realtor and long time resident of the Inland Empire, Vickie felt helping people achieve their dream of homeownership was great, however helping a family be able to celebrate sacred traditions and have basic necessities meant even more. Vickie has been recognized on many platforms for her works and continues to inspire others with her philosophy, “Alls it takes is one small gesture to completely change a persons life!